OUR principles make us successfull.

The BAUMANN principles describe what we believe in. They serve us as guidelines for our corporate behaviour and are the base for our success.


Time is our most valuable resource. Using it right is crucial for success. That's why we focus on the right things and use our resources efficiently.
In so doing, we take time for our customers, business partners and colleagues. This is a sign of our respect and commitment.
Our goal is not to meet deadlines but to beat them. Often, being faster makes all the difference. Responding fast to customer requests is therefore at the heart of our concept of service.


Innovative solutions and new ideas evolve in inspiring and open workplace climates. That's why we attach great importance to a culture of honest feedback.
Learning starts with listening. So we are always open to dialog and happy to draw inspiration from ideas presented by our customers, business partners and colleagues.
Our goal is not to meet expectations but to exceed them. To be able to do so, we need committed people who act like entrepreneurs and can inspire others with their passion.


Together we achieve more! That's why we're dedicated team players.
We enjoy tackling demanding tasks and developing new ideas together – with our customers, business partners and colleagues.
WE know: every individual is important, but it's the team that makes us successful.