Our organization is lean and able to make decisions fast.

At the same time, our divisional structure helps us share knowledge throughout the global BAUMANN Group and guarantee the same high quality and service standards wherever we are. You can depend on us – and our good name. Our fifth-generation family run business has deep roots that guarantee consistent processes and structures.

Thomas H. Rüegg
Group CEOThomas H. Rüegg
Damiano Ianeselli
Head of Business DevelopmentDamiano Ianeselli
Lina Fluri
Head of Corporate CommunicationLina Fluri
Stephan Peterhans
Group CFO and Group Head of HRStephan Peterhans
Dr. Uwe Bräuning
Group CTODr. Uwe Bräuning
Thomas H. Rüegg
Division SpringsThomas H. Rüegg

The Springs Division manages the springs business worldwide. Technology and know-how sharing in spring production can be implemented faster throughout the locations with this divisional structure. We are able to handle global projects efficiently as a result and serve our customers across three continents with the same high standards.

Cay Nasner
Division StampingsCay Nasner

The Stampings Division manages the stampings business worldwide. Besides the lead plant in Germany, the Stampings Division also has a presence in China, Singapore and France. The divisional organization ensures that we can handle global projects efficiently and serve our customers across three continents with the same high standards.

Hansjürg Hartmann
Division MedicalHansjürg Hartmann

BAUMANN has a separate Medical Division to meet the needs and reflect the specifics of the market for medical devices. A team of specialists with industry-specific expertise serves customers in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Discover more about BAUMANN Medical at

David Widmer
Division XDavid Widmer

The X Division is where new business segments are established in the form of business units. Boasting all of the attributes of a startup, this form of organization within the group enables us to react fast to opportunities that arise in the market, to cultivate an entrepreneurial approach and to offer our people interesting options for personal and career development. Working in small teams featuring intense cooperation across functions, our people establish new technological capabilities and develop new markets.


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